Want to keep your home phone number, but don't like the high cost?

Almost 5 years ago, I was thinking of getting rid of my home phone number. I rarely used it anymore, using my cell phone most of the time. But I didn't want to give up the phone number. I still gave it out to businesses and others who I didn't want to have my cell phone number. Plus some people still only had that number to reach me. So I found a VoIP service with incredibly low rates and quality service.

Low Cost, High Quality Phone Service: Just $3.45 per month plus 1.5 cents per minute

I found a company called Callcentric that perfectly fit my needs and hopefully yours. You pay $3.45 a month plus 1.5 cents per minute for all incoming and outgoing calls (other plans available.)
Here's what you get:

  • keep your current phone number
  • free voice mail
  • caller id and call waiting
  • forward your messages to your email and/or get text message alerts when you get a message
  • the newest feature is blocking of spam and telemarketing calls automatically or sending them directly to voicemail without your phone ringing
  • block and forward certain calls
  • send certain calls directly to voicemail, or my favorite, give the "This number has been disconnected" message to unwanted calls.
  • 911 service
  • cheap international rates plus much more

You can still use your home phone to make or receive calls. Alternatively, you can use your computer to make and receive calls, or have your calls automatically forwarded to your cell phone. There's an iPhone and Android app that allows you to make calls that appear to be coming from your home phone number and allows you to make cheap international calls.

Great alternative to Comcast, Cox, Charter and other cable companies phone service

Callcentric works just like your cable phone service, which also uses VoIP. It has all the same features plus more. The quality is just as good, but it can be a lot cheaper. If you're familiar with Vonage or other VoIP services, this works the same way, but cheaper.

Features and How It Works

Click one of the links below to go to Callcentric's website and learn more.

Callcentric - Features
Callcentric - How It Works

How I set-up and used Callcentric

Next, I filled out the forms to have my home phone number ported to them. You have to email a phone bill to them so they know you own that number. It takes 1-2 weeks to port your phone number over to them.

While waiting for the number to port, I ordered an ATA adapter from Amazon. This is a device that you plug into the back of your internet router and then plug your phone into it. You could also run a phone cord from the adapter back into your wall phone outlet and use phones around the house (just make sure the phone lines coming into your house from the outside are disconnected.) I bought the Grandstream HandyTone HT701 VoIP Phone Adapter pictured here:

After hooking up the ATA adapter, you can go to the Callcentric Supported Devices Page to find out how to set-up the adapter. Its similar to setting up a router. On that page, you can also find other supported ATA adapters and phones that plug directly into your router without an adapter. Or you can skip all this adapter stuff and just have your calls forwarded to your cell phone or other number, or just get your phone messages emailed to you or use your computer to make and receive calls.

When setting up your ATA adapter you use the 1-777-XXX-XXXX number they gave you. When your number is finally ported to Callcentric, everything will be ready to go.


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Heff says...
Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. After pouring over the Callcentric website I found you have to buy 2 separate plans if you want to use incoming and outgoing calls!!! Who woulda thunk a phone service would only work one way?? Really silly...
24th February 2016 6:13pm
Dan says...
To us, that's a feature. If you don't make a lot of outgoing calls, you can purchase a very low cost option. If not, there's other plans based on how many minutes you use for outgoing calls. Same with incoming calls. Also, many businesses have phone numbers that are used only for incoming or outgoing calls. We never use some of our numbers for outgoing calls, using either our cell phones or other numbers instead.

I agree it can seem complicated at first, but it does add a lot of flexibility and savings. Even with 2 separate plans its still less than $4 per month.

25th February 2016 12:58pm
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Dennis Lee (Union) says...
I use Obihai Technologies OBI-100 Analog to Telephone Adapter(ATA) by simply connecting my OBI-100 to my Gigabit switch and/or Gigabit router;

then simply registering for ones free google mail internet mail account;

then simply registering for ones free google voice VOIP account;

then simply registering for ones free Obihai VOIP account on their Obihai Internet Portal;

after simply finishing and completing the above described steps one gets absolutely free Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOIP) for the one time purchase price of a forty dollar OBI-100 ATA adapter box; no monthly fees, no per minute costs and/or taxes whatsoever for the life of ones device.

14th September 2015 3:47am
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Brad Crouch says...
I have bought Ooma, and its free to make and receive all calls in the US. Plus, All taxes are just $4.73 per mouth.
6th September 2013 1:20pm
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